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About Us

ServiceTech Symposium is a collection of resources about Cloud Computing and modern technologies. Led by a team of app developers and programmers, the team call themselves as “Servicetech Writers” or simply “ServiceTechs”. The goal of this site is to provide inputs about Cloud Computing and create a healthy discussions and share ideas with each readers and writers. All the readers and site visitors and the likes are very much welcome to contribute on each posts or simply message us on our contact page and expect Us to answer your queries in twenty four hours. As our Privacy Page indicates, all the post and articles here are coming from the reviews, research and serves as an opinion of the writers and members and doesn’t represent the opinion of those app developers.

The ServiceTech Authors

Service Tech Authors or the content writers of this site is lead by Ethan Jones, an alumnus of the University of Cambridge who started this site to create a community that will promote cooperation and brainstorming of ideas about cloud computing products. Ethan had a long term experience with different programmers and developers about the different use and purpose of each cloud computing apps. He is also a well known critic in terms of reviewing cloud applications before it even hits the market, to ensure that the apps are free of bugs and rooms for improvements are met. From these experiences, Ethan decided that he’s new found passion is to teach and share his knowledge with students and developers to learn more about the cloud computing.

Little by little we are now on our way of securing the proper testing and research on different cloud computing and other programs available on the market to help the end user of these products, with these sources of information that we can provide, the specific needs of each users will be achieve.